Mindfulness - Reclaim Your Peace

Stacked Stones

Be Aware
- Discern -

Reassure yourself that there's nothing wrong with your life simply because others have good news to share. Life ebbs and flows.

- Silence -

Stop the notifications, or at least reduce them. You'll lessen the distractions that pull you away from being present in your life.

- Unplug -

Set up obstacles to create distance between you and social media usage. The added bonus? You can't see updates if your screen is turned off.

Be New
- Hobby -

Fill your time by learning a new productive skill. You will feel accomplished in your efforts as well as enjoy some off-line time.

- Experience -

Keep your mind involved in where you are. Participate in conversations. Literally smell the roses. Value the moment instead of the selfie.

- Gratitude -

Be intentionally thankful. When you appreciate the goodness in your own life, it's easier to celebrate the joy of others too.