Tutorial 9 Quick Checks

Session 9.1 Quick Check

  1. The start <form> tag and the end </form> tag are used at the beginning and end of forms.
  2. Use the input type "text" to create a text box.
  3. The size attribute value determines the width of the box in characters.
  4. The fieldset element groups a series of related form elements.
  5. The label element with the for attribute is used to associate text with a control.
  6. The legend element is used to specify a title/heading for a fieldset.

Session 9.2 Quick Check

  1. A user can select one item from a selection list unless the multiple attribute is used in the select element with a value of multiple.
  2. The attribute checked with a value of checked sets the default choice in a group of options for check boxes or radio buttons.
  3. The select element with option elements inside to define each choice in the selection list.
  4. The submit button is a form control used to send form data to a form handler.
  5. The reset button is a form control that is used to set the form controls back to their default values.