Tutorial 8 Quick Checks

Session 8.1 Quick Check

  1. A data table is a table used to align Web content in columns and rows.
  2. The title attribute discribes the table's content and displays as a screen tip when the table is hovered over.
  3. A caption is a brief description of a table and unlike a title, the text appears as part of the table and remains visible in the browser at all times.
  4. Any element can be placed into a table cell including text, an image, a list or a link.
  5. The table header cell is used to format the first row, or a column heading of a table and appears centered and in bold font. The table data cell is used for all other cells.
  6. The colspan attribute is used to merge cells across columns.
  7. A key cell is the cell where the cells begin to merge.

Session 8.2 Quick Check

  1. You use a style for the table element to set the table width.
  2. A percentage value is useful for liquid layouts, and a pixel value is useful for fixed width layouts.
  3. Row striping alternates the background color of the rows in a table.
  4. Row striping makes the rows easier to locate and read.
  5. The column element is used to format one or more columns.
  6. The span attribute can be used to apply the same class to more than one column.