Corey in Greece

Corey in NYC

Corey's Personal Chronology
Date Event
The Early Years
Jul-86 Born on July 1, in Crystal, MN
May-90 Moved to new home in Rosemount, MN
Sep-91 Started Kindergarten
High School
Jun-02 Studied in France for a month
Apr-03 Choir tour in NYC
Jun-04 Graduated from Eastview High School
College Life
Aug-04 Started school at Gustavus Adolphus College
Jan-05 January term abroad in New Zealand
Jan-06 January term abroad in Fiji
Jan-07 Choir tour in Spain and Portugal
Jan-08 January term abroad in India
Jun-08 Graduated with BA in Psychology from Gustavus
Life in the Real World
Jul-08 Moved to apartment in downtown St. Paul
Oct-08 Promoted to management at Victoria's Secret
Dec-10 Got my kitty, Bentley
Jan-11 Moved to condo in Highland Park St. Paul
May-14 Mediterranean cruise and trip to Paris
Apr-15 Moved to Duluth to go back to school