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Fiji is located in the Pacific ocean near Australia and New Zealand. It is made up of a range of islands which spread over 200,000 square miles of the Pacific Ocean. The temperature ranges from warm to hot. In general, the temperature in May to November, Fiji's cooler months, ranges from 68°F to 85°F. Then from December to April, the temperatures register from 72°F to 92°F. Perfect weather for the beach! Fiji has an inviting landscape of lagoons, lush rainforests, mountains and over 1,000 miles of white sand beaches. It's a sunny, tropical climate perfect for a winter get-away!


Tahiti. Just hearing the word brings to mind images of a tropical paradise. Tahiti consists of 118 islands located half-way between California and Australia. The islands have an extremely diverse terrain ranging from steep mountain peaks, to coral reefs, cerulean lagoons, palm trees, white sand beaches, and luxurious resorts. Island temperatures average about 79°F year round, with lots of sun and just enough rain to maintain the lush and exotic plant life. Whether you seek an outdoor adventure, or are just looking to relax at the beach, Tahiti is the perfect vacation spot!


Indonesia is located in Southeastern Asia and sits between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Of Indonesia's many islands, Bali is probably the most famous, and for a good reason! Bali brings together breathtaking landscapes, beautiful beaches, and resorts, with a welcoming local poulation and enchanting culture. The island is magical with its theatrical dances and vibrant ceremonies, its local crafts and dazzling night life. This island paradise has something to offer everyone - from world class surfing and diving, to meditative spa experiences, Bali has it all!

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