Tutorial 5 Quick Checks

Session 5.1 Quick Check

  1. The CSS box model describes the imaginary boxes that are formed around elements in a Web page.
  2. Padding is the white space that surrounds the box content. It is the space between the content and the edge of the box that contains the element.
  3. The margin is white space outside the border. It creates breathing room which is seperation between the boxes so they aren't crowded on the page.
  4. When using the boarder shorthand property, the boarder-style must always be specified.
  5. The possible values for the float property include: left, right, or none.
  6. The possible values for the clear property include: left, right, none, or both.

Session 5.2 Quick Check

  1. The possible values for the background-repeat property include: repeat, repeat-x, repeat-y, or no-repeat.
  2. When you use the background shorthand property, the values must be listed in the following order: image color position repeat attachment; with no spaces between each property value.
  3. No, the vertical-align property cannot be used to position bullets or images used as bullets in a list.
  4. External style sheets should begin with a CSS comment that identifies the style sheet by including information about it's purpose, author, revision date, etc.
  5. TRUE, a CSS external style sheet should not contain any HTML code!
  6. The link element is used to connect a CSS style sheet to an HTML file.