Beautiful landscape of Planet Hope

Planet Hope

A new frontier...

Welcome to Planet Hope

This newly discovered planet has a lush ecosystem very similar to Earth's, and we are excited to announce that we have reached the final stages in preparation for launching the first group of permanent settlers. This elite group of people has been chosen for this mission from all around the world. The colonist's fields of expertise have a wide range including experts in medicine, engineering, biology, and sociology.

Resources and Sustainability

Planet Hope has resources that can be used for a sustainable settlement. Water is plentiful in the soil, lakes and oceans, and can be made available to the colonists for washing, drinking, and farming. The planet also has an atmosphere that supports a diverse plant population which will prove important in sustaining the oxygen balance as the planet becomes further populated. The main goal of this new settlement, and eventually civilization, will be to maintain a balance in the ecosystem. The population will be spread out as it grows in order to keep the balance between human life, and indigenous life.

The best way to ensure that this balance will be maintained is to incorporate what scientists have learned about renewable energy resources. These will be used when setting up a way of sustainable living on Planet Hope. Wind turbines and solar power will be the greatest energy resources for the settlement.

While Planet Hope does have a vast amount of both mineral and energy riches, they will only be utilized in a limited amount when completely necessary. Since the initial settlement will not be using a traditional monetary system, the value in minerals such as diamonds and precious metals will only be in their practical use. The Planet is far enough from Earth that interplanetary trading will not be feasible, and the intention is to keep it this way - preserving Planet Hope's precious resources.

Social Structure and Government

This is a multinational project with no government or political affiliations. The idea is that colonists are being selected based on their ability to provide useful skills and work as part of a team. At the beginning the settlement will be run in a communal sense, with equal contribution made by all members, and equal resources allocated. As the settlement grows it is the intention that the people of Planet Hope will begin to develop their own government and social systems.

Planet Hope