Slake College Library of International Education

Welcome to Slake College Library - a center for international education offering a variety of multicultural resources and media.

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“The connections between different countries, peoples, and cultures is crucial. The world is shrinking, and our collection has to grow to match that...we need to be able to serve a much wider and diverse population. It's important to be able to reach out to that community and serve their interests.”
-Elliot Gertel, Irving M. Hermelin Curator for Judaica at the University of Michigan1

Books, References and Literature

Slake College Library will provide access to library materials in over 400 different languages. Many of these materials will be obtained by curators who will travel to specific regions of the globe to obtain authentic works. The material will include books, works of fiction, newsprint, manuscripts, artwork, postcards, posters, maps and photographs. These special cultural resources will be organized by region with Librarians who specialize in International Studies available to assist in their retrival.1

Multimedia and Internet Services

Slake College Library will provide high speed internet access to both students and other members of the community. The goal will be to close the digital divide and allow free access to the internet and information for those who are unable to access it at home. The library will subscribe to a huge number of digital databases and provide assistance with their use. Students will also have access to downloadable e-books, audiobooks, as well as educational music and movies.2

Library Facilities and Services

The Library will be designed for flexibility. The goal is to allow users a wide range of choices for seating, but not just for the individual - The Library will incorporate a unique layout with private study areas as well as public common rooms and conference rooms. It will be a meeting destination, whether users wish to use it for social encounters, study groups, or community activities.3 The library will also include a dedicated archive search room as well as a small theatre. The theatre will host a number of local theatre groups performing works from around the globe.

The library will offer a wide range of services that will be available to both students and other members of the community. These services will include research consultations, access to International Studies Librarians who speak a multitude of different languages and are experts in their chosen region of study , English Language and literacy classes for students and community members learning English as a second language, and finally student tutoring services.

Library Events

The library will host a variety of events open to students and other members of the community. Events will aim to showcase the wide range of ethnic diversity both on campus and in the surrounding area. Some specific events that the library will play host to include: An International Craft Fair, which will allow students to showcase all different type of art and creations from a wide range of cultural background, and a Festival of Music From Around the World. The library's most important event will be a semi-annual International Education Fair, at which students will be able to speak with our Study Abroad department, as well as see presentations and displays created by students who have studied abroad in the past.

Students who are interested in study abroad opportunities can get more information by following this link to the American Institute For Foreign Study webpage. AIFS is recognized as a leading provider of study abroad programs. Since 1964, over 1.5 million students have traveled abroad with AIFS. Their goal is to provide what students want and need in a study abroad program, and to safeguard their welfare around the globe. AIFS offers a wide range of unique programs in Asia, Australia, Europe, South Africa and the Americas.4